We’ve produced multiple films for some of the world’s leading companies and brands including: Carlsberg, Pandora, The UKRI, AB InBev, Cobham, 1664 Blanc, and SAB Miller. We also provide production services to one of the world’s most prestigious global investment banks (please contact us to for info).

We operate virtually, drawing on an incredible range of talented and experienced directors, designers and editors from the UK and Europe. And because we don’t have a fancy office to pay for, we’re able to pass on those savings directly to our clients.

Shall we let you in on a secret? Making a film doesn’t have to break the bank. Making a film doesn’t have to be difficult. Making a film doesn’t have to be hard.

We work with clients to turn their strategies, ideas, messages or promotional requirements into films: hassle free.

Our clients range from small business owners to high powered VP’s at some of the world’s most prestigious brands and companies.

Whoever you are, every client and every project is treated with equal respect, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness; and each film is carefully considered in order to create an appropriate and unique look and feel for each individual piece of work.



Got an idea you want to realise but not sure how to tell the story? We’ll work with you to figure out your key message and pitch it at an appropriate level to reach your audience.

We work closely with a core team of outstanding professional creatives, including photographers, podcasters, editors, graphic designers, camera crews and voice-over agencies.

Whatever your story, and whatever your budget, we can figure out the best way to realise your idea, and choose the appropriate range of storytelling techniques which will work best for each unique project.

Sometimes the simplest way to communicate a message is through a combination of graphics and text.

Using bespoke graphics and specially sourced archives, we put our creative twist on promotional messages to create a series of short films which put a whole new spin on your business proposition.

Working remotely with a team of animators, we create a storyboard and start compositing the film.


The world has changed, but you still need to tell your story.

Whatever you need we can provide it: whether it’s a short graphic film which gets your message across in a brief, punchy way; a story told by reworking existing assets and archive; or a longer, more thoughtful piece shot in location.

Every client has different needs; and each project will require something slightly different

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