About us

Demarcation Films was founded in 2015 to offer a new and different production proposition to corporate clients.

We started small, working with remote teams or from the kitchen table years before covid forced a total rethink of what “work” looks like.

The idea

Our idea was to cut out the middle-man, offering clients direct access to the UK’s outstanding production talent whilst also offering the level of service and customer support traditionally offered by conventional agencies.

One glance at YouTube told us many companies were being poorly served by their current agencies – many of whom charge extortionate fees for creating incredibly films.

We knew we could do better. And without expensive Soho offices to pay for, we also knew we could do it cheaper.

Little by little we started winning business, landing work in our first few months’ for iconic beer brand Pilsner Urquell, producing content for their presence at Milan Expo, start-up Invig, and doing a strategy-explainer film for global beer giant SAB Miller.

Happy clients mean repeat business; and by the end of our first year of business we won our first major contract – producing 25 short films shot all over the world for SAB Miller’s Global Brand Positioning Team.

From there, as our clients moved jobs and took on new roles, they took us with them and spread the word about what we do.

Demarcation films boutique production company
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We’ve now made nearly 100 films for multiple, highly demanding clients in the UK, Denmark and the USA at some of the world’s most prestigious brands and companies: Carlsberg, Pandora, AB-InBev, Cobham Aerospace, SAB Miller and Peroni.